Sponsored Sessions

Tuesday, May 13

10:15 am – 11:15 am

Adding Just Enough Structure: A 5-Step Guide to Increasing

Room 210   Level 2

Sponsored by AtTask

Attend this session to learn simple, actionable best practices you can use to increase your creativity without sacrificing your ability to deliver! 

Face it. Your day is filled with dozens of random, unsorted, and “emergency” work requests. They come to you via sticky notes, emails, IM’s, phone calls, or desk drop-by’s and, despite all the work they require, usually only accomplish one thing: depriving you of the time you need to be the creative genius you were hired to be. David Lesue, Creative Director for AtTask, will call upon his extensive experience in UX/UI and graphic design to help you overcome the daily challenges that are killing your ability to deliver award-winning creative work.

3 Main Take- Away’s:

  1. Learn how to standardize the work request process and get all the necessary work details upfront
  2. Enhance your ability to say “No”and, more importantly, “Not Yet”
  3. Increase collaboration across teams without sacrificing your ability to stay in the “creative zone”
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