In-House Management Conference

Wednesday, May 14

3:15 pm – 4:15 pm

Client Satisfaction and the Road to Partnership

Ballroom B   Level 3

In this session, Mark Shafer will discuss the importance of assessing team performance by measuring the satisfaction of your internal base of clients. As in-house agencies, we’re constantly assessing our work. How did our materials perform in market? Are we delivering on time? Are we coming in on budget? There are many mechanisms in place to track what we produce, but few that truly quantify how effectively we partner with the businesses we support. You’ll hear a case study on how measuring client satisfaction led to increased partnership at Bank of America and how customizable survey tools like the IHAF Performance Evaluator can enable you to solicit feedback from your clients regarding your in-house agency’s effectiveness and partnership potential.

3 Main Take-Aways:
  1.  How to apply quantitative metrics to something as qualitative as client satisfaction
  2.  Strengthening the position and reputation of your in-house team through measurement
  3. A look at the IHAF Performance Evaluator—a customizable survey tool designed by (and for) internal agencies
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