HOW Design Conference

Monday, May 12

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Comedy Improv Training for Creatives

Ballroom B   Level 3

If you’re a creative and you’re looking to generate better ideas faster, this session will equip you with skills necessary to bust out of your idea rut and destroy your next brainstorm session.

Extreme bodybuilding workouts are all the rage. From P90X to INSANITY, athletes of all shapes and sizes are turbo-charging their physical fitness with intense training regimens. Creativity has a similar extreme workout — comedy improv.

Creative Boot Camp author Stefan Mumaw will illustrate the fundamental connection between improv and creativity, diagramming how the essential rules of improv can boost every designer’s creative process while running attendees through a series of comedy improv skits and techniques designed to bring the concepts behind creative training to life. You’ll leave feeling confident, collaborative and fired up for your next ideation session.

3 Main Take- Aways:

  1. Learn to cultivate the connection between improv and creativity.
  2. Embrace improv fundamentals and apply its rules to jumpstart creative output.
  3. Generate better ideas (and more of them) free from self-limiting thoughts.
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