The Dieline Conference

Tuesday, May 13

11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Design Through Collision

Ballroom A   Level 3

Join us for a trip through Anagrama’s history, combined with a walkthrough of our design process and methodology. We’ll choose 4 of our premium packaging projects to explain this process, from brief and concept conception all the way to the pitch and, finally, the delivery of the brand to the client. When we say ‘history’ we’ll talk about Anagrama’s birth and growth in an environment where good design is fairly new, unexpected and undervalued, and how Anagrama has helped set a high standard for the rise of new design and designers in Mexico.

3 Main Take- Away’s:

  1. Anagrama’s history
  2. Anagrama’s process
  3. Successful case studies
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