HOW Design Conference

Wednesday, May 14

3:15 pm – 4:15 pm

How Design Enhances Business Strategy and Total Value

Room 304-306   Level 3

Designers of all types know that strategy is important and valuable—but we don’t always understand or practice it in the same ways as our other business counterparts. In this session, Nathan Shedroff will teach you how to bridge the deepest cultural differences that set you up for failure, and share the most important learnings from business school—saving you two years and $80,000 in the process!

Designers often see things our peers don’t, but we don’t quite “get” how to effectively collaborate with non-designers to make the most of the opportunities we see. Intuitively, we know our research and perspective can change organizations, customer relationships, and even industries for the better, but we also often feel at a loss about how to bridge what seems like a cultural divide between us, our clients, and even our own coworkers.
Don’t miss this session for insights into the definitions, understandings, perspectives, models, tool, and resources that can help designers develop the influence we seek to find within the larger organizational contexts of our work.
3 Main Take-Aways:

  1. Where and how to engage in a client’s strategic conversation
  2. Selling qualitative value to quantitative peers
  3. How to understand customers in a deep, meaningful way and frame this research for the CEO
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