In-House Management Conference

Thursday, May 15

3:15 pm – 4:15 pm

Pep Boys: Brand Relaunch & Store Prototype Creative Development

Ballroom B   Level 3

Get an insider’s take on the successful rebrand of a 90+ year-old company and glean proven strategies you can apply to design within your own organization, no matter how long it’s been around. Adam Kondos will motor you through the story of how Pep Boys, a national full-service and automotive aftermarket chain, undertook the challenge of a massive, large-scope rebrand. Follow the successful transformation that included everything from logo redesign, to brand repositioning and a complete, new in-store prototype creative development.

Adam will take you for a drive along Pep Boys’ “Road Ahead,” steering you through best practices and teaching you how to optimize your brand collateral so you can avoid the bumps and potholes.

3 Main Take- Away’s:

  1. Develop a comprehensive action plan in managing multiple projects while remaining strategic in your creative approach
  2. Define problems you’re trying to solve while keeping creative purpose in mind
  3. Ensure effective communication with cross-functional team collaboration
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