HOW Design Conference

Tuesday, May 13

3:15 pm – 4:15 pm

Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

Room 304-306   Level 3

In this transformational session, Justin Ahrens will show you how to move beyond the traditional notions of design industry success and challenge you to reframe what it looks like. Learn how to tap into design’s expansive potential to change the world for the better and experience the soul-satisfaction of designing for good.

As creative professionals, we work to develop a set of skills that help us be successful in our industry. We strive to become the experts and we do it with excellence. But what if there is more to being “successful” in this industry than just getting business, creating good designs, and helping clients sleep well at night? What if there are opportunities for personal refinement and betterment—transformation, even? What if reaching our full potential (professionally and personally) means identifying the things that move us, the things that awe us, the things that touch our hearts and inspire us toward action? And what if we are supposed to use our particular skills and expertise to create movements of change, wonder and influence?

With a particular focus on non-profit work and Design For Good Projects, Ahrens will make a case for expanding your work to contexts outside of your comfort zone and discovering opportunities for impact and transformation beyond what you thought possible. It’s not just about talking about things that matter—your work should be an expression of the things you believe matter.

3 Main Take-Aways:

  1. How to redefine what the concepts of success and potential mean with regard to your creative career.
  2. How to identify and move toward opportunities that inspire and motivate you to take action outside of your familiar context.
  3. How to use your expertise and creative skills to make a difference and develop a career/life focus with an influence beyond the confines of the design industry
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