Creative Freelancer Business Conference

Thursday, May 15

10:15 am – 11:15 am

Solving Your Biggest Creative Problem: The Client

Room 302   Level 3

How do you deal with a problem client? Do you tough it out, look for a workaround, try to educate – or just back away slowly? A confirmed non-guru offers some lessons learned (the hard way) on what’s worth trying…and when to head for the exit.

We’ve all seen them in action: questioning fees, setting insane deadlines, grabbing the creative reins, turning whims into edicts. If they aren’t the original clients from Hell, they certainly live in Hell’s suburbs. But while they can test our patience and even our confidence, often they’re the ones who are insecure – about wasting money, losing their jobs or just appearing weak. Attend this session and learn to work productively with problem clients.

3 Main Take- Aways:

  1. Understand the difference between a client’s stated problem and what really may be driving it— without going back to school to study psychiatry.
  2. Recognize when it’s time make a dignified exit— perhaps shouting something brilliant from the doorway.
  3. Realize you’re not alone when it comes to wrestling with the egos, blind spots and insecurities of people who have different flaws than we do.
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