In-House Management Conference

Wednesday, May 14

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

The Discovery Channel Case Study – Leaning Into Change

Ballroom B   Level 3

Nothing is more constant than change, but by the end of this presentation, you’ll feel empowered to embrace change and become a leader within your own agency. Jennifer Cortner, VP Account Services and James Gilbey, VP Group Creative Director of Discovery Channel’s in-house agency, will share how they have created a culture of leaning into change, ever-evolving and constantly working towards being a relevant part of Discovery’s business.

The television and entertainment business has seen its share of radical and rapid change in the past 4 years. And James and Jennifer’s agency has had to lean into change like never before. TV viewing by appointment has become the Holy Grail as more people binge view with their DVRs, and new online networks like Netflix and Hulu are now competitors. Getting your audience to pay attention to marketing messages in the TV landscape is now harder than ever.
 You will hear examples of how James and Jennifer had to quickly become experts in digital advertising and have now become trusted consultants on creating successful digital campaigns for shows like Moonshiners, Frozen Planet and Shark Week; how Discovery’s foray into live television events like Skywire and i changed the way the Agency collaborates; and how a small task force in the Agency is helping to educate and motivate Discovery’s networks to expand their audience reach into the rapidly growing US Hispanic space.
3 Main Take-Aways:
  1. Recognize and use the forces of change to become leaders at your in-house agency.
  2. Fight vs. Flight: Motivate your creative team to embrace change.
  3. Learn to define and re-define your value as an in-house agency.
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