Creative Freelancer Business Conference

Wednesday, May 14

3:15 pm – 4:15 pm

The Intimacies of Pricing Your Customer

Room 302   Level 3

The act of pricing your customer is both a strategic process and a very relationally-intimate and holistic one. Gain confidence in your ability to effectively price your customers while converting them from “customers” to “believers” at this session with Jason Blumer.

Realizing whom you should be serving and how they should be served are critical components of the art of pricing. Pricing (as opposed to the notion of billing) begins before you work. What value do you place on your own skill and services? To this end, seeking out the right customer is also critical, because you want to work with those who value your work as you do.

That’s why the most desirable clients are those who move beyond the role of “customers” and into the role of “believer.” A believer is someone you can serve well, who shares your vision. A believer understands that in order for you to deliver huge value, your services warrant a fair price. In this session, you’ll explore the intimate act of pricing believers, and how doing this well can make you a world class creative entity.

3 Main Take-Aways:

  1. Understand how to make more money delivering greater value to your customers.
  2. Understand pricing strategy and the psychological components of effective pricing.
  3. Understand how to navigate the intimate processes of pricing; how to engender trust in the customer being priced; how to prepare the customer for the delivery of the price.
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