The Dieline Conference

Wednesday, May 14

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Chicken or Egg: Brand or Package?

Ballroom A   Level 3

What comes first – the brand or the package? In this session, Matthew Clark will answer that question and teach you an efficient, flexible and effective process for developing a brand identity system. The microcosm of packaged goods continues to expand and morph, with packaging designers and marketers alike attempting to expand their offerings, albeit from very different perspectives. But with all the touchpoints at stake – from structure and packaging; to retail support, sales collateral, online marketing and advertising; to brand-building, brand identity and market strategy – who is charting the course? Who is best suited to design complete packaging and identity systems? And what process serves the client best?

Matthew will leverage his 20+ years of experience in building corporate and consumer brands, and his specialization in packaging design, to walk through his ideal design process and real-world case studies that warranted unique approaches to this complex challenge.

3 Main Take-Aways:
  1. A package is not a brand; an identity is not a brand: understanding brand-building
  2. The brand process: develop an efficient and effective process for ultimate client success
  3. Flexibility within a system: when to work package-out or identity-out
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